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Art and Design

Art and design is not just a subject to learn but an activity that you can

practise; with your hands, your eyes, your whole personality.

(Quentin Blake, Children’s Laureate)


Art and design values and stimulates learner’s creativity.  It encourages our pupils to question existing knowledge, create new knowledge, take risks, and manage failure and work using a range of materials and media. Frequently work in art and design is cross curricular, but always, it aims to be a vehicle to develop pupils self expression. Art and design is central to developing knowledge and understanding of our own and others cultural heritage.


Art for many children is a natural form of  expression and a source of great pleasure that can enhance lives and cultural awareness. We aim to increase confidence and competence in the use of different media, such as pencil, charcoal, paint, collage, inks, textiles and clay.

Art teaching is embedded in other subjects, as well as taught discreetly to ensure progression. Discussions of art by other artists are a regular practice within other subjects, to enhance pupil understanding and promote diversity. The enjoyment of making, creating, building and adapting starts at a young age and continues to be built upon year on year, inclusive of all genders, ethnicities and beliefs. We promote the necessary skills for our children to develop their natural ability to be expressive and creative and we aim to instil pride by achieving finished work that is of a high standard.