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Class 1 Creative Curriculum Autumn Term 2 2022

Time Travellers - Autumn Term 2 2022

Hey Ewe!

The children put on a fantastic performance of 'Hey Ewe', all about a curious sheep following the Christmas Nativity story. It's safe to say we'll all be singing 'Hey Ewe come back here...' for quite some time!

Tudor Houses and the Great Fire of London!

The children have had great fun learning all about traditional Tudor houses; what they looked like and how they were built, in the time of The Great Fire of London. They learnt about how the fire started and how it rapidly spread. They first designed their own Tudor house before creating it as a junk model. We then went out onto the school field and made our very own Pudding Lane with our own 'Great Fire of Penruddock'!! It was all very exciting!

Tudor Houses and The Great Fire of London!