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Friday 23.10.20


Using your story plan that you created yesterday, can you change any parts of the story to make them slightly different? Perhaps the bears could be eating something different, like honey on toast :) Or could Goldilocks break something else in the house, for example a cup or a sofa? Once you are happy with your changes, can you re-write the story in your own words. How would you start your story? (Once upon a time) Try to use lost of describing words to make your stroy sound really interesting. Don't forget capital letters and full stops!



In Science, we have been learning about 'living things and their habitats'. Why not share with someone at home what you have already learnt about habitats :)


Last week we touched on Food chains, we discussed the differences between carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. Today, I would like you to order living things by what they eat, so create your own food chain. I have attached a print out copy if you wanted to print off, cut out and link them together. Or, you can draw different living things on a piece of paper and use arrows to show what eats what. Think of the different world habitats we have discussed, i.e. Desert, Ocean, Tropical Rainforest and the Artic, can you create a food chain for each of the different world habitats?