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Viking Marauders Take to the Woods

A truly creative curriculum stimulates children's curiosity and provides memorable experiences that bring learning to life. At Penruddock our curriculum is at the heart of ethos. It is important to us that we instil a sense of  wonder and a love of learning in all our pupils, which will continue with them throughout their entire life.

History came to life for children in Class 2 this week when pupils experienced life as Vikings on a raid. They learned how to plan a camp, forage for firewood and light their own fires using flint, steel and tinder. They then prepared hot drinks and baked bread over the flames before learning how to dismantle their camp to leave no trace that they were ever there. The day, supported by Reach Beyond Adventure, links to work that children have explored in the classroom about the history of the Vikings in Britain and the Viking heritage of our local area.