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Physical Education

"Physical education is about pupils learning about themselves; their

capabilities, their potential and their limitations.  It is the foundation of all sports participation.  But it goes beyond the individual and understanding

themselves – it’s learning how to work with and to respect others." 

(Lucy Pearson, England Cricketer)

At Penruddock Primary we are committed to providing high quality PE and sporting opportunities for all pupils. PE is an important and central part of school life. We believe that our PE curriculum should encourage and empower children to lead healthy and active lives with an understanding of the relationship between physical activity, health and fitness.


Children participate in a minimum of two hours of physical education each week which is designed to enable pupils to develop co-ordination and key skills, develop flexibility, strength, control and balance and to experience a range of competitive sports. Our continued membership of the Eden Valley Sports Partnership means that children can expect to receive sports teaching from a range of professional coaches over the course of the year. Additionally, all children are encouraged to participate in competitive sporting competition and have the opportunity to represent their school. We are very proud of the achievements of our sports teams.


Our fantastic facilities at school mean that there is always the opportunity to experience new sports and in addition to PE lessons, children have the opportunity to participate in a variety of extra-curricular sports at lunch times and after school. We even host our own events including a swimming gala and a rounders competition which welcomes teams from eleven local primary schools.