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School Clubs 2019!

Monday - Craft Club with Mrs Redfern. (starts again on Monday 25.02.19)

Sewing Club takes place after school on Monday from 3.30pm to 4.30pm.

Children learn the basics of sewing and work on a wide range of projects over the course of the year. They even produce craft items available on sale at out Christmas Fayre! Emma Redfern of "Hole House" kindly brings her considerable experience and expertise and runs the club each week. Emma is supported by several wonderful parents at the Craft Club.


Tuesday - Get Active Club with Mrs Horner and Mrs Roper. 

Get Active Club takes place on Tuesday lunchtime on the school field. Remember to bring a spare pair of running/walking shoes as the field can get quite muddy.


Practise Sessions for certain sporting fixtures take place at lunchtime on a variety of days.