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Class 1 Creative Curriculum Spring Term 2 2016!

This half term sees Class 1 exploring what it will be like 'When I grow up . . .' We are looking at different jobs and thinking about what we would like to do when we become an adult. We will be looking at how and what people help us. We are looking forward to many visitors in class who will be giving us lots of information about their jobs.



"When I grow up . . ." overview letter for parents.


Class 1 had yet another visitor this week, Jenny came in to tell us all about her job as an

Occupational Therapist and how she helps people. She had lots of fancy gadgets she uses to help people in different ways, very interesting.



Visit from Penrith Mountain Rescue!

Today's visit from Penrith Mountain Rescue was brilliant! The children listened really well to everything that Matt told us. And we were really lucky because Glen from Penrith Mountain Rescue also turned up to talk to us. They showed us lots of equipment that is needed when they are called out to rescue people. Most of all the children loved 'Morag' the search dog. She was amazing!

Mrs Capstick had a massive emergency and the children loved wrapping her up in a whole body splint. 

On Wednesday 24th February, we had exciting visitors to Class 1. Sam the vet and Kelly the vet nurse came to talk to us all about their jobs. They brought lots of interesting things for us to look at. Some children were bandaged up and we all got to scan the puppy for his ID chip. It was great fun!


"I want to be a vet when I grow up!" Said Sam. "Wow! Look at the x-ray. I think it is a butterfly." said Hayden. "I got bandaged up like the horse." said Layla.

What Pet should I get?

The Children did some work with Mrs Capstick on the story of 'What pet should I get?'

They created their own 'new kind of pet', there were lots of brilliant ideas!

"My pet is a pink spotty dog called Isabelle!" said Layla

"Mine has a pig head and a horse body, it's called a Pihorse!" said Caitlin

"My pet is a jellyfish, it's got 8 legs and one armband so it can go underwater!" said Lucy