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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.
Picture 1 Hazel Johnson (Headteacher/Class 2 Teacher)
Picture 2 Christine Foley (Upper School Leader/Class 3)
Picture 3 Natalie Horner (Lower School Leader/Class 1)
Picture 4 Hannah Braithwaite Class 2 Teacher/Maternity Cover
Picture 5 Lauren Jackson (Class 2 Teacher/Maternity Leave)
Picture 6 Eleanor O’Donnell (PPA/Class 1 Teacher)
Picture 7 Audrey Roper (School Business Manager)
Picture 8 Tania Calvert (Senior Teaching Assistant)
Picture 9 Wendy Guy (HLTA/Teaching Assistant)
Picture 10 Debra Capstick (HLTA/ Teaching Assistant)
Picture 11 Annice Wilson (TA/Midday Supervisor)
Picture 12 Judy Gardner (HLTA/Teaching Assistant)
Picture 13 Nicole Teasdale (Morning Club Asst Mat Leave)
Picture 14 Barbara Taylor (Morning Club/Midday Supervisor)
Picture 15 Debbie Jackman (Midday Supervisor)
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