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Teaching and Learning Committee

Membership: Rosanna Harper, Jenny Griffiths, Laura Offin, Hazel Johnson

Chairperson: Rosanna Harper


The Teaching and Learning Committee takes responsibility for the following delegated activities. In these areas the committee has the power to act on behalf of the governing body and will give progress reports:



  • Monitor and evaluate areas of the curriculum
  • Nominate governors to curriculum areas in order to carry out monitoring and report back to the governing body
  • Plan, monitor and evaluate school improvement plan areas linked to curriculum.

  • Review pupil progress and recommend targets

  • Ensure curriculum is accessible to all pupils

  • Monitor/evaluate/know of extra curricular activity

  • Keep updated on changes/progress in educational strategies.


Access and Inclusion

  • Monitor SEND and G&T within school through consultation with Senco.

  • Ensure school is following current updated policy for SEN and G&T

  • Monitor SEN and G&T resources within school (through audit)

  • Implement and review school accessibility policy




  • Review school’s behaviour policy

  • Arrange consultation on behaviour policy.

  • Act as a pool for pupil discipline issues

  • Evaluate and review home/school agreement with staff and parents.

  • Set and review school’s inclusion policy


  • Monitor staff absences

  • Appointment of staff; headteacher, teachers – delegate appointment of non teaching staff to headteacher

  • Monitor staffing levels of teaching assistants.

  • Staff contact time

  • Review and monitor equal opportunities policy

  • Review and monitor racial equality policy


In relation to the following non-delegated activities, the committee will make recommendation to the full governing body.



  • Decide and review the curriculum policy
  • Draw up and review the charging and remissions policy


Special Educatioal Needs

  • Review the SEN policy annually



  • Recommend the staffing establishment for the school