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DT Sewing Easter Bunnies in Blencathra!

Designing, making and evaluating bird feeders with Margot from Bird's Bistro

We made seaside smoothies!

As part of our 'Beside the Seaside' theme, the children investigated the history of kite design. They then designed and made their own kites. Selecting the best materials for their designs. The children also used skills such as accurate measuring to mark out the length of the balsar wood for the kite frame. 

Let's go fly a kite. . .

To celebrate the King's Coronation, the school held a community afternoon tea, Blencathra Class made some cakes to share with our community. We think Ted has a job for the future - he was amazing at icing the cakes. Such concentration and skill!

Afternoon Tea with the community!

Helvellyn have been using all they know about sound to help them design and make their own musical instruments.

Creating Our Healthy Tuckshop as part of our theme of 'Food, Glorious Food!' Class Three, January 2023

Blencathra Sewing 2021-22!

As part of our theme of 'Every Picture tells a story!', we have been looking at the work of some famous artists. This week we are looking at Claude Monet and his garden at Giverny. We needed to practise our running stitch so we made some beautiful flowers for Monet's garden.

Helvellyn Resistant Materials - Bug Hotels 2021-22

Blencathra's theme was 'Marvellous Me' and we learnt about our senses. In DT, we designed, made and evaluated our own fruit smoothies. They were yummy!

Blencathra Class DT work Autumn Term 1 2021!

Skiddaw DT work 2020-21

Class Helvellyn are learning about their local area and are busy designing and making a village collage in textiles. 

Helvellyn Textiles - Our Village Wall Hanging 2020-21