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Class 3 enjoyed exploring a range of historical periods during their residential in York. A  highlight was revisiting our knowledge of World War II in our trip to Eden Camp. 

Eden Camp

Tudor Houses and the Great Fire of London!

The children have had great fun learning all about traditional Tudor houses; what they looked like and how they were built, in the time of The Great Fire of London. They learnt about how the fire started and how it rapidly spread. They first designed their own Tudor house before creating it as a junk model. We then went out onto the school field and made our very own Pudding Lane with our own 'Great Fire of Penruddock'!! It was all very exciting!

Children in Helvellyn have been linking their learning about people from the Stone Age to those in the Bronze and Iron Age. We have found out about the Amsbury Archer and all her has told us about peoples wealth, travel and capabilities during our ancient history. Stonehenge links all these different historical periods together. Why was it built and what does it tell us? We certainly found out today how clever they must have been!

Making Stonehenge from Biscuits!

Class 2 had a super day with the Penrith and Eden Museum. We took part in a virtual session with them. We spoke to the museum on a video call to find out more about Anglo Saxons. They also lent us some artefacts to help us to learn more about our topic. We did lots of fun activities, such as studying runes, looking at jewellery and battle gear, weaving and making pots.

Skiddaw turn into marauding Vikings!