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Happy Easter from Blencathra Class

Blencathra have been learning about the Christian story of Easter. We made Easter gardens to help us remember the story of Jesus on the cross and rising from the tomb.

Symbols & Objects

KS1 have been looking at symbols and objects from different religions. This week they've looked at Buddhism. The children made Lotus flower lights, the lotus flower lights remind Buddhists of Buddha, the 'Enlightened One'

Judaism in Class 3

The children have been learning about Judaism; their beliefs and their various festivals over the the last half term. We finished our topic with a Jewish passover meal, tasting and learning about the meaning behind all the parts to the meal, it was great fun as you can see!

Hinduism in Class One

Class one have been learning about some of the Hindu Gods and the various stories about them. 

Islam - The Qur'an

Class 3 have been learning about Islam and particularly the Qur'an this half term, They've looked at how Muhammed is special to Muslims and how he received the Qur'an. We've had a go at writing in Arabic and have learnt how the Qur'an is treated.

REMEMBRANCE - Our children joined together to share their thoughts, art work and reflections about the fallen and injured who have fought bravely to protect us and secure our freedom. This year was made even more important to us as we joined together with our Ukranian families to share our thoughts.

Penruddock Mandir (Hindu Temple)

As part of their work on Hinduism, Class 3 turned their classroom into a Mandir temple complete with Shrines to various Deity. The Children had to take off their shoes and ring a bell before entering the classroom to pay their respects to the Hindu Deities.

Harvest Thanksgiving

Class 1 children have been looking at where our food comes from and all the people we have to be thankful for who help bring it to our plate. In preparation for our Harvest service they've made pictures using beans and seeds.

Jesus' Jerusalem Journey (by Class 3)

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Class 3 have enjoyed learning about the Story of Jesus; from birth to Jerusalem. They've been acting out lots of Bible stories.